Protecting God’s Children is the mandatory child protection training for all Archdiocese of Washington employees and volunteers who have substantial contact with children.

Child Protection Policy Compliance Steps for Volunteers

⇒Complete Volunteer Application * (Formulario de solicitud de servicio voluntario)
Return completed application to the OLHOC Child Protection Compliance Coordinator (Nieda Tice or Therese Thiedeman).  It will be signed by the pastor.  A copy will be retained at the parish and/or school

⇒Register for an account on VIRTUS at WWW.VIRTUS.ORG.  If access to the Internet is not available, please see the OLHOC Child Protection Compliance Coordinators (Nieda Tice or Therese Thiedeman) for further assistance with the registration process.

    1. Click on the down arrow to the right of the SELECT YOUR ORGANIZATION.  Scroll down the drop down menu until you find WASHINGTON, DC (ARCHDIOCESE). Click on SELECT.
    2. Create a User ID and Password that is easy to remember in case you need to get back to your VIRTUS account.  Click on CONTINUE.
    3. Complete the registration screens.
    4. When you get to the screen that asks if you have ALREADY ATTENDED A PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN SESSION,
      1. click NO if you have not attended and select the session you want to attend.  (You must attend Protecting God’s Children for Adults no later than 60 days following the assumption of duties).
      2. If you have attended, click YES and select the session you attended and complete the rest of the registration process.
    5. When prompted, READ and ACCEPT the ADW CODE OF CONDUCT
  2. When you attend the session,
    1. be sure to sign in at the beginning and to get your certificate at the end of the session so that your enrollment is recorded.
    2. Give a copy of the certificate to Nieda or Therese after the training

⇒Contact your OLHOC Child Protection Compliance Coordinator (Nieda or Therese)  to set up an appointment for a background check.   **Note: The steps above must all be completed and recorded on VIRTUS before a background screening appointment is scheduled.

Bring the following documents to background check:

  1. Two forms of Valid Identification (State Issued; ie. driver's license, passport, Social Security card, birth certificate); one Must Be a Photo ID
  2. Check or Money Order Payable to OLHOC  (Volunteer or Employee: $13.50)NOTE: ADW Employees having substantial contact with children MUST also be fingerprinted. Speak with Nieda or Therese regarding fingerprint service location information. The fingerprinting fee is $34.50.

⇒Read the Child Protection Policy booklet

Acknowledgement Form must be signed and returned to Nieda or Therese no later than 30 days following the assumption of duties.  A copy will be retained at the parish and the original will be sent to the Office of Child and Youth Protection.